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Everything u should know about Near Field Communication

What is Near field communication?

Near Field Communication, NFC is one of the latest short range wireless communication technologies. It provides safe communication between electronic devices .When an NFC compatible device is brought within a few centimeters of another NFC enabled device 4cm in practical so the communication is established. Just like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and  other wireless signals .

Passive NFC devises include tags and other small transmitters, that can send information to other NFC devices without the need for a power source. While active devices are able to both send and receive data and can communicate. Smartphones are by far the most common form of active NFC device 

How does this work?

NFC includes the smart tags that works with it. It basically works as a wireless radio communication. Its basic architecture is similar to RFID tags. It has a bit of storage memory along with a radio chip attached to an antenna. Moreover, TappleTag is a tiny smart tag that works with instant sharing technology. It can be placed easily on the back of your electronic gadget like phone laptops etc. This tag allows you expeditious sharing of your social media, custom links, music, contact information and many more. Just by tapping with your phone with a compatible smart phone.    

Your social network with NFC

A social network is a social makeup made up of a set of social actors, sets of dyadic ties, and other social interactions between actors .Being a part of a network helps you stay tuned about your surroundings and what’s really happening around you The social networking sites allow the users to share ideas and digital photos and it allows the people of a region to know about the people and events happening in real life in another region .

There is a vast variety of social networks : 

  • Social networks : twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn etc.
  • Discussion Forums : Quora , Reddit , Digg etc.
  • Media Sharing Networks : Snapchat , Instagram , YouTube etc.
  • Consumer Review Networks :  Zomato , yelp  etc.
  • Bookmarking and Content Curation Network : Pinterest , Flipboard etc.

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