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There are limitless possibilities to use TappleTag

There are limitless possibilities to use TappleTag. The tags are using instant sharing technology. This makes the Tappletags so special. With these blogs we will regularly keep you informed of many possibilities and the best ways to use TappleTag’s.

One tap away of the Wi-Fi

The most companies with space for their customers to relax use free Wi-Fi. The customers must fill in a password and they automatically connect to the server. I think this way is very old-fashioned. Wi-Fi passwords are lengthy and complicated. An TappleTag allows u to use a single tap with your phone to connect with this Wi-Fi. U can program the TappleTag to automatically connect your phone to the Wi-Fi and sends the customer to the website of the company. That’s two birds with one stone.

Unlimited sharing your socials

Does your company create videos for YouTube, stream on Twitch, or release music on Spotify? One of the biggest challenges is getting people to see your content in the first place. Well there is the TappleTag again. There are a lot of applications to use that can link the TappleTag to your social media. So, stick this TappleTag to a place where a lot of people look at and make them tap their phone to the tag. Now they have all your media channels.

To the page

There will be times when you want to send your customers to a page of your website, for example to complete a survey for you. Or to let them participate in a win promotion. Just connect the link with your TappleTag and they will instantly land on the chosen website without any effort. I would rather just tap my phone to a tag then search for the link.

Business card 

Use a TappleTag as your business card. Share your contact details in just 2 seconds. Contact details stored directly on the phone. Adjust your contact details whenever u need. Share your agenda, email and number.

That deserves more attention

What about companies that want people to know the backstory to their products? Or a museum that wants to be more futuristic and want to tell the story of their antiquities in an original way? They can use TappleTags to place it somewhere nearby the object they want to tell the story about. This can ensure that you need less staff and come across as very original. your consumers undergo a new experience and are more aware of the story behind the object. In a world where smartphones can no longer be ignored, I find it strange that this is not yet applicable.

Like we said from the start: There are limitless possibilities to use TappleTag. Thats why more parts are coming to keep u updated! already interested? Try it out yourself. Buy one at our store !

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