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The explainer: Why use a bio link tool?

If you are searching to know more about this bio link, we are always ready to help. This article emphasizes bio link tools and adding a link to Instagram stories


The profile bio can be linked only once

Bio link tools enable you to cluster several links 

You can use Tapple’s bio link tool for free

Your story content can be easily linked using the bio link tool

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What is a bio link?

Primarily, a bio link is used to link you’re your profile containing a website link. This helps interested profile visitors to explore more about you. In the case of Instagram, the bio link can be changed by tapping onto the profile followed by ‘Edit profile’. Then appears the Website option; this is exactly where the bio link is directed to. 

You can cross-check it by heading back to the profile and clicking. 

You are also likely to notice a box named ‘Bio’ underneath the Website option. This box is to add a line of text about you.

You can also find someone else’s bio by either clicking on their name or searching for them. Once you are directed to their profile, a bio link can be acquired easily.

Opportunity to link

You might have observed people talking about or mentioning hashtag #linkinbio because of being limited by Instagram to place web links in one place that is your bio. So, you are unable to link from a post or comment. 

This restriction is likely to frustrate all user types. Moreover, the Instagram algorithm does not recognize chronological order. Instead, posts are prioritized based on their relevancy and engagement to your followers. 

So, your posts’ visibility is affected with your bio link changed before your audience noticing it. This becomes a severe concern for users generating content frequently like bloggers.

Bio link tools

Rather than having one web connect, a bio link goes serves as one web interface that takes you to various bits of contents.

Tapple’s Bio-Link is a bio link tool that allows clustering everything at your Tapplelink. 

Plus, it comes with safe administrator login coupled with an option to coordinate your bulletin and a mechanism to change page plan.

Tapple’s bio link can be used elsewhere.

Instagram isn’t the only place where you can enjoy the perks of this bio link app. You can also use it on Twitter, Linkedin to link your portfolio with your profile, and many other social apps. 

Adding link to Instagram stories

People usually prefer watching stories of their followers rather than running through the newsfeed. So, if your followers surpass 10,000, you will be provided with an option to ‘Swipe Up’. 

However, getting a 10000 followers threshold is challenging. Thus, the bio link can help us to link our essential content. Plus, you can also help people discovering your content by adding Gifs that mention “link in bio”.

I hope all your queries would have been addressed by the time you reach the article’s end. In case you still have any question bothering you, feel to contact us.


Tapple’s Biolink is the ultimate answer to all your problems. 

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