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TappleTag makes lives nowadays way too easy.

Welcome back to our second blog on the most creative and intelligent ways to use TappleTags. Here we will show you how TappleTag makes lives way more easy. Haven’t you read part one yet? read it here.

Smart home

In recent times, the smart home has become increasingly known and popular. A TappleTag is a good choice, no complicated software required, no specific reader required, a smartphone that assists an NFC function can arrange it all for you.

More and more companies are releasing products that work with this technology. You just have to tap the device and it does everything for you! No more typing buttons and keys. Everything is now automated!

Attract fans

Are you organizing a party? or event that many people attend? But for marketing or other reasons, do you want to learn a lot more about the audience that comes by?
Hand out these stickers or have them tap a sticker at the entrance with their phone. Make sure they are taken to a page that stores their data. This allows you to collect all visitor information, such as name, contact details, age, and a time when they entered the event. Everything you need!

They can follow your facebook, Instgram etc just by one tap, they will become your fans.

You can study all the data and make a research.

Your lost pet

Now I hear you think, what should my pet do with such a sticker? By using the sticker on your pet’s collar, people can now scan your found pet at the collar. This ensures that they can read all of your information that you have programmed into the TappleTag. It makes it very easy for them to contact you to return your found pet.

This is how TappleTag can also make the lives of your pets way more easy.


Make payments from now on via a tap. U can easily program your Paypal link into a tag. Your customers, friends or family only have to tap the sticker and pay the required amount via a payment app. This works just like with a normal cash register during the payment process. Only you or them determine the amount here. Just tap and transfer!

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