Party Deluxe


Wow, it’s a TappleTag Party !

TappleTag is the fastest way to instantly share your social media, contact info, business, music and much more within seconds!

Just tap your TappleTag against someone’s phone and instantly share anything!

The other person don’t need a TappleTag or an App to receive your information.

Setup your Biolink page and post your e-mail adres or social media in the order notes if you want us to program your TappleTag. Rather program it yourself? Read here how.

Would you like to know what else you can use this TappleTag for? Then check out our blog.




What can you share?









TappleTag Deluxe info:

25 mm diameter, 2 mm thick. Waterproof up to 5 Meters Strong 3M adhesive that sticks to almost anything. This includes laptops, cars, restaurant tables, office settings, especially phone cases, and many more. The memory of 135 bytes. Able to store almost any link, social network, etc. Scannable from 5cm away. Currently compatible with 73% of smartphones and grows every day as older phones are phased out. See FAQ for more info. Our TappleTag is reprogrammable, meaning you can change the content it shares at any time by simply scanning new info into it.


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