Je bekijkt nu How is the global pandemic impacting your work?

How is the global pandemic impacting your work?

Covid-19 has pathetically affected our current job environment. So the question is: How is the global pandemic impacting your work? Since the start of the pandemic we have encountered numerous Tapple Biolink users, and other creative industry people getting frustrated day by day. 

As a software that totally revolves around the content and audience, we wanted to know how Covid-19 has impacted our community since the beginning.  

Unemployment is on the Boom.

Covid-19 has changed the dynamics of every business. In many countries, companies couldn’t bare their running expenses. Maybe that’s why they were forced to close. You can be a part of the unemployed force if you don’t have a secure job in a hospital, supermarket, or online-based company. 

This might make you worried about your future. You should be worried as 10 million individuals lost their jobs in the last two weeks. You can understand what would be the number of unemployed people by the end of the year. 

Behavior is Changing:       

The world has now come to a point where they know that what is going on outside is not in their control, neither can they do anything to return to normal. However, now we are finding new ways to connect and do our jobs. We are getting adapted to the work from home environment, and video conferences are getting normal. We have started to think differently, for example, jogging on the treadmill instead of the ground. This is now the new normal and a little hope for all of us as well. 

Businesses Are Getting Adapted:

We can look at the various industries to see how the businesses are changing their focus and ways to deliver their product to you.

The fashion and clothing industry is one of the significant examples that how it changed over time. First, it was based on paid models to advertise their clothes. While now you can see, loungewear is given special consideration. CGI models are used for promoting the brands from home. 

The same is going on in the entertainment industry; singers are performing live just to make their fans happy. While on the other hand, celebrities are trying to keep in contact with their fans through podcasts and live videos on various social media platforms. 

How is it More Difficult For you Now?

With the changing business climate, you can see that where businesses are busy finding new ways to get their product as accessible as possible. They also have to deal with decreased clients and a market full of manufacturers. 

Meanwhile we talked to our Tapple Biolink family and found out how they have been affected by the pandemic. People are in a situation of uncertainty and anxiety, and to help them, we have organized an online series of Tapplebiolink live. You can watch any of our sessions; we talked about the tips and tricks to control the work climate in this challenging times and how small businesses should respond to it.

Tell us how the global pandemic is impacting your work in the comments. Check out our blog for more !

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