Watch this tutorial or read below how to program your TappleTag.


We made a step-by-step explanation of how you can program your TappleTag the fastest. These tags are easy to reprogram and reuse. Programming takes no longer than 90 seconds and is very user-friendly. This explanation is made in 3 steps. Let’s start:

Step 1 – Download NFC Tools

Firstly, download “ NFC Tools “ on your phone. This is an free application on the Apple and Android store. Once downloaded, the application will show you this screen with the home page. Click “Write”

Step 2 – Lets Program

The screen shows you 3 options. Click “Add A Record”.  
 This step shows you with a few options to code into your TappleTag. The easiest option is to click “Custom URL/URI.” 

Step 3 – Program your TappleTag

After clicking “Custom URL/URI”the app will bring you to this simple page. Just type in your www. or copy/paste your web link. Click “OK”in top right corner when you are done.

NOTE: The “link in bio” is the clickable URL that visitors use to visit what you consider to be your most valuable website. For some it is a product page, for others it is a landing page, ‘about us’ section or a social media page.  If u would like to program this link in your TappleTag pls set up an account first.

TIP for Link in bio tools: we recommend our Tapple Biolink or Aliasconnect

Click “Write” to be prompted with an NFC “Ready to Scan” message

Once u clicked OK” you will be brought back to this page, but this time your Custom URL will be added. You will also notice the app tells you the amount of space your link takes up. But that ain’t no problem. It will only takes about 16 bytes.

Now your smartphone is looking for an NFC tag to encode. For iPhone, hold top your phone within 1 inch of TappleTag while this message is up. For android, place middle of phone onto TappleTag.  Your smartphone will make a sound and/or vibrate when your NFC tag is officially encoded, which takes less than one second.

All Set Up – TappleTag ready to use

This means the TappleTag is set up, congratulations this was all you need to know about how to program your TappleTag, u did it.

If you choose to re-program another link into your tag simply repeat these steps. Do you still have troubles programming? Take a look at FAQ. Here you may be able to get an answer to your question.