What is Alias Connect?

Alias makes sharing your entire online portfolio simple. Connect all your important stuff—from social profiles to links and contact info—all in a single page that’s built for sharing. With our customizable cards, you’re ready for any personal or professional interaction.

 It can be used on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn, or you can use it to aid discovery of your work, brand or business. 

Alias Connect is the launchpad to your latest video, article, recipe, tour, store, website, social post – everywhere you are online.


Alias’s analytics help you understand platforms your followers prefer

Our team would like to help you install your TappleTag. Therefore, follow the following steps so that you can immediately use your purchase. 

Get the App

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Android coming soon!

 1.  To start with, you can already create an account by downloading Alias Connect HERE.

2.  If you have created an account, you can start creating your own & unique Alias Connect page.

3.   Purchase your TappleTag and add your Alias Connect link in the order notes so we can program it for you. You can also add any type of link or social media to the notes.

If you are unable to resolve the matter or have other questions, you can always reach us at info@tappletag.com. We try to answer all your questions within 24 hours!

Do you want to program your tag yourself?

Would you prefer to program your TappleTag yourself? No big deal, of course you can. You can find everything about programming the TappleTag in the link above.